"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." -Queen Maya Angelou

I don't know if it's cool to write your own bio, but writing in third person is just a little weird for me. So I'll just break the mold a little... That quote you read above is something that I recently discovered about myself. To simply survive is not enough for me anymore, I want to thrive!

I'm just a city girl born in St. Louis, raised in Marietta, GA (Metro Atlanta for those saying "Wait, where?!?!). Did all the "right" things, with occasional mischief. I attended to Valdosta State University in pursuit of Speech Communication and Vocal Performance, then later transferred to Kennesaw State University where I obtained a B.S. in Public Relations (The wording of that is so appropriate!). I have worked professionally since I was 14 years old. I started my first job in the people business, better known as hospitality, and have been successful with people ever since, LOL. I am a singer by passion; music is my soulmate. I am a motivational speaker by gift; communication has always been a strong trait of mine. I am a comedian by accident; I seriously just say what I feel and people think I'm funny. Lastly, I am a PR/Events girl by trade; the skills that I acquired in college have been a true journey to a profession that I love and appreciate. 

The funny thing is I have many gifts and talents and I have explored my fair share of jobs, adventures, and travel. Most would say I'm a wanderer... Maybe because I try everything. I look for the beauty in all things. I search for truth and meaning in life. That's probably the Sagittarius in me, however, I decided that it was time for me to determine a purpose for myself and that's why you're here reading my bio! I decided to take a chance on life and share stories with the world in attempt to help others thrive with me!

The Breezy Company is a community of life experiences, self-care, mental health, encouragement, music, literature, travel, good eats, and much more. We will walk through this journey together as we put more life into our lives!

Now to keep this short enough to keep your attention, here are some hashtags with things that make me cool:

#iSing.#iWrite.#iDance.#iLoveTacos.#iLoveLawandOrder #iLovethe90s.#imaPoet.#imPlusSize. #iLoveCandles. #iLoveTea. #iBelieveinRomance.#iHateRedRoses.#iLoveHard.#iGive.#iUplift. #iWatchRatchetTV.#iLoveJoeBudden.#iHaveaGirlObsessionwithNiaLong.#iveNeverBeenOutoftheCountry.#iVote.#imaFreedomFighter. #babyImmaThug. #iMeditate. #iLovetheRain. #iLoveFood. #imSUPERCALIFRAGILISTICESPIALIDOCIOUS. 

​"Be Phenomenal, or be Forgotten!"

-Eric Thomas the Hip Hop Preacher